They Are Children

Men, women, and children are joining their voices together to stand up for the brave refugee children who fled violence and hardship in Central America, seeking a chance to grow up in the United States and live happy, healthy lives.
What would you say to these children?
Together, as Americans who believe all children should be treated with care and compassion, we can send a message to refugee children.

Hola, a todos los niños y niñas que están pasando una situación dolorosa, cualquiera que sea el motivo, yo les quiero decir que los tengo en mis oraciones, para que todo se soluciones y tengan una vida de calidad, y que ustedes sean unas personas de bien para ustedes mismos y para la sociedad, que dios los bendiga.

Maria I.

Welcome children!!

Most of us in the United States come from families that came here from other countries. That’s what makes us American. We are happy that you came here. We are amazed at how strong, smart and brave you are just to have made your journey here.

We love you and we want you to stay here and study hard in school and grow up to have a good job and a happy family life.

With much love,

Patricia D.

I have been to Guatemala many times. Although it is a very beautiful country, I have seen first hand the violence and poverty there. I hope that you are safe, and that you get re-united with your family soon. Be brave. You are not alone, and not forgotten. You matter very much.
Con Corazon,

Kathy B.

What will happen to these letters?
We will collect letters through this website and as site visits are arranged to temporary facilities and shelters housing refugee children, The California Endowment will print them out, translate as many as we can, and bring them to the children directly or via other local organizations and service providers. We hope our messages of comfort, compassion, and kindness will lift the children’s spirits and remind them that they’re not alone and we have so many hopes for their future.
Will my letter be posted publicly on this site?
All letters will be subject to moderation before being publicly posted on this website. We will post letters that refrain from politicizing the issue and send positive messages of support and compassion to these brave refugee children.

Post Author: Stacy Nichols