They Are Children Page 2

Dear young soul,

I’m hoping this letter finds you well and that you are somewhere safe and warm.

You are very, very, brave! We need more brave people in our world!

Even though there are some scared and angry people in our country there are many of us who are not and who want to welcome you to the United States.

I wish you so much good luck and happiness!


Nanette Y.
There are many of us that want you to stay here with us. You came out of desperation and risked your lives to get here. I fully support you and will tell every politician I know how I feel.

Brian S.
Mis queridos ninos, denle gracia a Dios por estar con vida, todo pasa porque asi Dios lo tiene planeado para todos, no pierdan la fe, que hay muchas personas buenas en este mundo que los quieren ayudar. Paciencia, yo entiendo muy bien los motivos que tienen para salir de sus respectivos paises, yo al igual que ustedes, tambien sali de mi pais. Sign orando y pidiendo a Dios para que esta situacion se solucione lo mas pronti posibles. Los queremos sin conocerlos.

Ligia R.
Dear Children,
You are loved and welcomed despite what you see and hear on the news. America is a land of opportunity where dreams can come true. I came here when I was 9. The journey wasn’t easy. With the courage you have to get you here, you will succeed. Keep the faith. I would open my house to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Quan L.
Un mundo sin fronteras es lo que necesitamos. Niños, son ustedes los que importan, sus sueños son los que debemos proteger como adultos responsables, no dejen que esto aplaste el hermoso espíritu que tienen! Animo! No están solos!

Valentina M.