Types Of Education

The term education is a broad term which includes the various institutions which deal with the education of young persons, children, and adults. Some of these institutions concerned with education include preschool/nursery school, lower secondary school, kindergarten, vocational upper secondary and the general upper secondary school. It also includes institutions of higher learning such as universities, polytechnics, colleges and adult education centres.

The structure of education followed varies between nations. It can also vary in different states within the same nation. A child can either get the education from within the school settings or from experiences obtained outside the school environment. The education systems of the modern era are more conceptualized and structured as compared to that of the yesteryears. In the current system, education is mainly classified according to the age and potential of a person. In general, we have three kinds of education which are formal, non-informal and informal education. This article is going to describe the three classes of education systems.

Formal education

This is the basic education received by a person at school. It is helpful in exposing a person to the various trade and academic skills. This type of education is also known as traditional or mainstream education. It begins with the nursery education and then advances to the primary level. This is followed by secondary education and finally higher education. This type of education is associated with the following features


  • Observes strict discipline
  • It is limited to a certain period
  • It is a well-designed and system curriculum
  • It includes some activities outside the normal class held in the classroom
  • It is provided or given by qualified teachers

Informal education

This is a kind of education system which includes educating someone through informal communication as well as reading books. It entails edifying a student outside the basic structure provided in schools. There are learning methods which are used in this kind of education. It has the following features

  • Not-pre-planned
  • It is incidental and spontaneous
  • It might also be negative
  • It does not involve ant prescribed curriculum or timetable
  • Specialized agencies do not impart it

Special education

This is an education system is meant for the handicapped and challenged students. These students or individuals are educated using special learning techniques or methods. Students are first evaluated on certain parameters before being admitted in these schools.


Adult education

In this kind of education, adults are taught to become literate. It is also done to equip the adults with the various job skills and basic skills it is also referred to as adult literacy education or adult basic education.…